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Meet the Owners and Learn the History

We are delighted to have this opportunity to welcome you to Holman Hunting and share its incredible wealth of history with you! My name is Grant Holman and I am the fifth generation to live and work on this property. There is a deep and rich heritage here that goes back to the 1800s when my family first decided to settle here on their long voyage West. 

Over the years, each generation has done their part through blood, sweat, and tears to add to and beautify the land that we are blessed to be able to enjoy today. I feel it’s my duty to do my part to carry on that tradition, handed down to me through a long line of Holmans.

Holman Hunting land - Iron GateMy wife Stacy and I decided to start a hunting business back in 2015 when we had a logging crew come out and harvest the timber for the first time since the land has been in our family. The trails they started, (along with the mess of tops they left!), resulted in three years of cutting and splitting over 300 cords of firewood, and sowing grass on over four miles of wooded trails you see here today. My dad, Denny Holman, did most all of the chainsaw work to accomplish this three-year project, and the last year he ran that saw to wrap it all up he turned eighty years old. Some retirement, huh?

I wanted to share that story with you so you could get just a small snapshot of the lineage of hard workers that I come from. Their dedication over the past century and a quarter is what has made this place the picture of beauty that we enjoy today.

Stacy and I are thrilled to get the opportunity to share our hunting experience with you for those reasons, and many more. We have been placing mineral and other assorted food throughout the trails so that today we are able to monitor the deer that are staying in this area, and even track the time of arrival in many cases so that, as the rut comes on, we are able to improve your odds of seeing the big one! We can’t guarantee you will see the one you ultimately would like to hang on your wall, but we can guarantee you will enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings, and VERY likely, you will see deer!

As you hunt here, or fish here, or just drive our wooded trails and enjoy the wildlife and the scenery, please respect the land, and help us to maintain its natural beauty. Stacy and I, plus all the generations that came before us, thank you for carrying on the tradition. Enjoy your time here and thank you for experiencing this amazing Midwest countryside with us!


The Holman Family